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Swap Tokens.

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Earn Rewards.

Use the Elevate Smart Node to set up recurring and future swaps on third party decentralized exchanges. Earn rewards for using the Elevate App.
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What is the Elevate Smart Node?


Mine Rewards

Licensed and operating Elevate Smart Nodes receive a portion of the daily distribution.

Earn Rewards

Elevate rewards you for swapping on the platform. By keeping your Elevate node online you can schedule swaps at any time. We believe in continuously empowering you to grow within the proof-of-action ecosystem.


You are in control of your private keys at all time providing unmatched security while performing automated tasks at your direction.

Use The Elevate Smart Node to Achieve Your Goals

Refine Your Strategy So You Can Achieve Your Goals Faster.

Financial Freedom + Control

The Elevate Smart Node offers a decentralized solution that puts you in complete control of your digital assets, ensuring unmatched financial control. It empowers you to navigate the proof-of-action protocol effortlessly, while maximizing the benefits of innovative features.

Simple Decentralized Software

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, the Elevate Smart Node provides a seamless decentralized platform that enables you to interact with various platforms and exchanges. You gain access to a wide range of opportunities without compromising on security or control.

Dollar Cost Averaging Made Effortless

Take charge of your strategy with a unique token-based dollar cost averaging. By scheduling trades at specific time intervals, you can seamlessly accumulate your preferred digital rewards over time. You no longer need to worry about market volatility or the complexities of timing the perfect trade. The software handles it for you, automatically, while you retain complete control of your private keys.

Your Private Key, Your Security

Decentralization provides maximum security while you maintain the utmost control of your digital assets. The Elevate Smart Node ensures that your private key remains securely stored on your node, offering you peace of mind and protecting you from potential security breaches.

The Ultimate DEX Aggregator

Elevate goes beyond a traditional exchange experience. As a DEX aggregator, we collaborate with various DeFi platforms, providing you with access to an extensive network of exchanges and liquidity pools. Seamlessly navigate between platforms, leverage multiple opportunities, and explore the vibrant world of decentralized finance.

Smart Node

Uninterrupted Trading

Unlike traditional centralized exchanges that can limit or cut off your access, The Elevate Smart Node offers uninterrupted trading. Centralized exchanges may impose restrictions, but when you use the Elevate Smart Node, you are in control. It ensures that you can continue trading and maximizing your opportunities without any interruptions or limitations.

Smart Swaps

The Elevate Smart Node provides you with user-friendly tools and a simple environment to manage your proof-of-action rewards. It eliminates unnecessary complexities, empowering you to perform automated transactions effortlessly.

Flexible Trades

The Elevate Smart Node offers you three flexible ways to put your node to work: Dollar Cost Averaging, Percentage Drop, and Market Orders. Tailor your trading strategy to suit your preferences and goals, and let your node perform automated transactions based on your pre-defined preferrences. You set it, configure it  and monitor it.

Coming Soon

Ethereum Bridge

Convert your digital rewards to ERC-20 tokens using the ETH Bridge.